The 3D application is loading and works in Firefox, Chrome and the latest version of Edge.
Not all browsers and mobile devices fully support 3D applications like this. It might load only partly, function incorrectly or not at all.
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Info to navigate in this 3D environment:


They come from the Middle Ages, and they are watching you!

They adorn many gothic cathedrals and other ancient buildings. Were they created to ward off bad omens, to frighten, to poke fun at us, or just to show off the skills of the artisans who created them? It might be that the creators tried to warn us that hell or heaven is part of life and not of the afterlife. We don't know what's behind the door of the future. We have only limited influence.
This WebGL application is a proof of concept. I adjusted sounds from Kristiankulta and Magnuswaker for use in this project. Thank you for sharing them on
WebGL is under constant development. Animations, more interactivity, and other enhancements will be updated regularly. Enjoy!


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