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My 3D projects

Sculpture is something I only did for making studies in preparation of other projects. I studied sculpture in 1994 in the studio of Karel Gomes, which helps me a lot now that I ventured into digital 3D art and animation.
I learned to focus more on structure, form and composition from all sides and not to get lost in details. I made a few sculptures but it never turned me into a sculptor.
When 3D computer programs emerged I took a keen interest in them because of the world of creative opportunities it would open up but I wasn't in the possession of a computer that could handle those programs very well so I left it at that.
In 2012 I acquired a computer that could handle some 3D programs like zBrush, a sculpting program. It is not a fully featured 3D animation program but it was a good start.
Later on I tried out fully featured 3D animation programs and started to learn the technical ins and outs of 3D animation. After a few years I ended up with bits and pieces of projects. Now I'm turning all those bits and pieces into coherent projects. My poor old laptop is suffering badly during rendering so I'm building a new more suitable computer to handle those heavy 3D tasks.

Keep an eye on my animation and 3D project pages which will be updated regularly.