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Up and running again!

A few years ago after two small accidents and some unfortunate circumstances I found myself not being able to walk, work and function without considerable pain. Also drawing became almost impossible due to the injury.
Luckily with the right therapy given by a great team of fantastic people I slowly recovered. Unfortunately my part-time job turned out to be too physically demanding and hampered my full recovery. In 2015 after a period of trying and trying I decided to give up this job and fully devote my energy to recovery and completely returning to my creative projects. That's how I could turn something unfortunate into something fortunate.


During the last few years I did manage to work on a number of fulfilling mostly technical commissions: Building a few Responsive Websites with animations, sound and social-media feeds for advertisement and design studio SameSame and an iPhone app "Cardcha", designed by multitalented composer-designer Eelco Claassen of theming company ThemeSake, for which I wrote all code.

Another great project came quite unexpectedly from a new client: Building and designing an educational subscription website. (It will be launched some time in 2017, so no link yet.)


Those projects were really gratifying but now that I am able to draw again I will focus more on 2D / 3D character design, rigging and animation. Working with 2D animation programs and 3D programs like Moho Pro, zBrush and Blender is a time consuming but fantastic experience. It combines all of my interests and skills: drawing, painting, sculpting and technical logic.
I'm open to any new creative and technical project as long as deadlines are reasonable.


Oh yes, I know this website (built in 2005) is somewhat outdated by now, but I like to keep it quite unchanged and am making a second one (html5, css3, responsive, you name it). It will run beside this one and focus mainly on the 2D and 3D projects I'm currently working on. I will keep you informed on its launch date.


Life is so precious, never waste a day.
Be curious, be creative, be skilful, be persistent.