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My computer has won!

I've made up my mind. In the coming years I will devote most of my time to animation and dynamic web-design.

I so totally enjoyed building a dynamic (database driven) website for composer Konrad Boehmer* that I realised it is time to make a choice in favour of the computer.

A bit later in the year I built a Flash site for design studio SameSame.

It was clear that such projects are closest to my heart and the place where I can put my talents into full use.

I'm a structural as well as a creative thinker and working for the web is becoming more rewarding now that HTML5 and CSS3 are making their entry.

Finally it will be possible to put sound typography to work in webpage-design and this will not be the only thing that will improve user experience on the web. These developments are extremely interesting.

This and improvements in animation programs made learning the new material in depth a very enjoyable experience. I will implement my newly found knowledge into future projects.


Having a part-time job that I enjoy (in an altogether different field), prevents me from becoming too "nerdy" a person.

It all comes together fine, although I wish there were more hours in a day, days in a week, .....


In oktober 2014 Konrad Boehmer – who became a dear friend – died quite sudenly. Whe all were in shock, such a lively, fantasticly free thinking and original man full of vitality, it seemed unreal.

Unfortunately without involving or consulting me his website was replaced by another one (of the Konrad Boehmer Foundation) so no link can be made anymore to his own website.

I miss his personality, his lively conversation full of wit. We all do.