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Living as an artist is a real struggle. And because I'm a graphic designer as well as a painter my work never stops. And honestly I don't want it to stop, it's my life. 
Because I work a lot in commission I also want my work to be perfect and ready in time. So I'm most happy when I can quietly work away on my drawing, design, illustration or painting at hand. Therefore solitude is a vital ingredient in my life and it takes some energy to protect it. 
Sometimes I have to get away to find some solitude. Live a different life in different inspiring surroundings. I'm not a great traveller and when I travel it's to places were there is some quietude. 
Two years ago I discovered by chance a very special area in Spain. The area was called Barrancas de Gebbas, in the Province of Murcia. A strange eroded nearly desert like landscape in complete stillness. Unlike anything I ever imagined. That gave rise to a desire to do something with landscapes.
This winter I lived for two months in Spain in the Province of Cadiz – which is not yet overrun by tourists. Arcos de la Frontera was the place I chose. Perched on a large protruding rock it still has a mediaeval and Moorish atmosphere. Lovely and inspiring. Of course I travelled through the surrounding hills and saw many beautiful but also strange and ugly sites.
Given time new works will come out of these special experiences.