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News autumn 2008

From Saturday September 13th until Sunday October 26th I will have a solo exhibition at Kunsthuis Theo Hübens (Cortenstraat 6A) in Maastricht I feel very fortunate to show my new work in such a beautiful gallery devoted to visual art as well as music.
New work on show will be a series of pastels based on sketches I made some years ago during rehearsals of the Orchestra of the 18th Century.

Besides working long hours on (oil)pastels of The Orchestra and scenes from last year's stay in Southern Spain, I also spent long periods at my computer, developing interactive animations in Adobe Flash.
Characters for my animations were living in my head and on many sketches I made over the years. Now, with new technical developments and skills I can bring them to life. They will be used for educational and other useful purposes or just for fun.
Creating animations doesn't only involve a lot of drawing and writing script but also sound editing and I'm a complete newcomer to that field.
Some illustrations for my animations can be seen on this site. I am working on a separate site for my interactive animations. As soon as the site is online it will be announced on this website.

Click on the link at the left to see a small example of my "Triplet" animations. You need to have the Flash Player 9 plugin installed in your browser to view it. Have fun!