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After my inspiring and unworldly intermezzo in Spain it was back to modern times and my computer. I had to finish a web-site for a client and delve deeper into the ins and outs of web design. Improving my skills in animation, using a program called Flash and learning more script languages like Action Script and Cold Fusion for dynamic web-building.
It seems very unromantic and inartistic but it is great fun, very much part of the creative process and vital to make your ideas work the way you want to. 
It was also time to improve my own web-site with my newly found knowledge and skills.
The overall design I left mostly unchanged but I improved a great deal in the background, made my script much more efficient and added information. 
I hope to put my new artwork on my site as well but for that I have to go back to my easel and leave the computer to rest for a wile. A difficult choice.....