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Paintings and Pastels

In 2006 I started to work on new drawings based on sketches made years ago during rehearsals of the Orchestra of the 18th Century. I decided to try some out in pastel because colour was important for the atmosphere of those drawings. It turned out to be such a good choice and it opened up a new world of possibilities for me. I could express the loads of ideas I had in my head more quickly than in oil-painting.
After a few months living and sketching in the South of Spain, again I turned to pastel to work on my impressions of my period in Spain.
I worked in a frenzy couldn't stop until I had put all my ideas and impressions on paper. Meanwhile I also had to work on web-sites and animation projects, but I managed to finish the series of the Orchestra rehearsals. On the series of my visual experiences in Spain I'm still working.
I thought it was a good Idea to show my pastels next to my paintings. They both express the same atmosphere where colour, light and ambience are important. Pastels can be used though for more dynamic situations.

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