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Illustration and Drawing

Drawing people has always been an important part of my life. When I was small like many other children I drew on anything and with anything I could lay my hands on. Luckily I was stimulated by my parents and paper and pencils were quickly bought, not only to try to save the wallpaper.
As a child – and now as an adult – I mostly wanted to spend my days alone, drawing or investigating all kinds of technical things. Even so, I always drew people and was interested in people, sometimes talking to perfect strangers and finding a world behind them. Coming home, I went  back to my pencils and paper.
Loving illustrated books, I hoped that one day I could create such books. So graphic design was naturally combined with illustration when I chose my profession. Dancing was another thing I loved. Not as a profession but to study, enjoy and observe. Out of this passion grew many drawings, graphics and some paintings.
The atmosphere of people practicing their profession is what fascinates me and it is often the subject of my drawings. But as an illustrator I take on many other subjects.