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My Designs

Graphic design was my first choice when I started studying at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. I wanted to do something practical with my talents. I loved nicely designed books, packaging, brochures, posters, was fascinated by all the techniques surrounding the printing process. I learned typography the old way: type-setting with lead.
Even though the printing process has come a long way and the computer took on a large role, the basics of typography and sound design still rule. The computer is just a wonderful tool to make the process faster and more efficient.
I embraced the computer early on in the eighties when its use was still limited. Now the computer helps me to take full control over what I want to accomplish, be it in graphic -or web design.
My designs are original, clear and subtle with sound and well readable typography. Not crowded with unnecessary elements. In my web design I will use Flash animation if it makes sense and not just for fun, as one sees all too often on the web. The goal is aesthetic and clear communication with a look that's just a bit different from anything else.